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DHE Transporter is owned and operated by Rohit Naiker, an experienced participant of the trucking industry for over twelve years. That experience showed him that customer service was often lacking in the industry, and he has created Dependable Highway Express to solve the problem.

Most companies just pick up and move cargo as fast as possible with little thought as to what it might be, or who it’s for. And once it’s in their hands you have no idea how it gets handled on route.

DHE cares about your cargo, and will treat it as important and fragile every time. We want your goods to reach their destination in perfect condition.

Rohit and his team also understand the details that make shipping your cargo simple and easy. As a responsible and considerate businessman, he insures everyone takes great care to ensure your cargo is handled like it isour own material every time. Rohitinstills this caring attitude in all his staff and drivers.

DHE is a B.C. based company designed to offer competitive trucking service to the lower mainland and the Fraser Valley. Rohit interviews, researches, and knows every member of the DHE team to ensure all staff understand, and are capable of meeting the high customer commitments of the company. This personal selection process reinforces the team concept and reminds everyone that we are all working for the same goals.

We also strive to provide the best and most reliable drivers and equipment for every job, and our drivers perform a six sector, 33 point safety check prior to every trip, ensuring our ability to deliver our client’s goods is never compromised.

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Our service promises to be as competitive as possible within our service area. Our standard rate for service is negotiable, for repeat business, multi-load deliveries or long term contracts that will require our services daily, weekly or monthly. Call us.