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Rohit Naiker

Mr. Naiker was born in the Fiji islands, where he graduated from university with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then migrated to Canada in 2001 where he began his new life at a warehouse, as a shipper, and working part time at a restaurant as a dish washer. During this time he also completed his diploma in Canadian Law Systems. In 2004 he was hired by the Vancouver Police Dept. as traffic officer and resigned in 2012 to expand his other business, DHE.

When not at work, Rohit loves soccer, volleyball, walking along the beach, making new friends and loves to be a part of every kid’s life in some way, volunteering for many children’s organizations.

His goal is to continue to grow as a successful businessman and to see his business expand in the coming years.

His favourite Quote:

Always believe in yourself because God created you for a reason, and never give up. Pray for your enemies and love them with all your heart”

We take pride in being a community minded company and donate a portion of each and every job to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital.

  • Equipment


    DHE makes sure your cargo is transported safely using trucks equipped with air-ride suspension.

  • Loadable-Trucks

    Loadable Trucks

    To Increase productivity and simplify the handling of bulky, wheeled and palletized loads, DHE has trucks for any kind of loads.Both tailgates allow drivers to load almost any cargo, boxed, paletted or individual large pieces.

  • High-Cube-Boxes-for-over-sized-loads

    High Cube Boxes for over-sized loads.

    All our trucks are equipped with high cube box. The advantage of a high cube is you don’t have to worry about paying for extra skid height as it will fit directly from your trailer into our trucks for delivery giving you and the customer peace of mind.

  • Efficient-tools

    Efficient tools

    Electric pallet jacks are motorized. Eliminating the need for manually pumping the jack handles for lifting or lowering pallets, saving time and effort on the part of the operator.

  • Universal-Dolly

    Universal Dolly

    All our drivers are also equipped with a Universal or folding dolly in order to provide professional service anywhere that requires breaking down the skids and delivering individual boxes.


I like to use local companies whenever possible, and with DHE it feels like a family business no matter who you talk to. They deliver when they say they will and are great to work with.

Mike Lawler, Richmond

We love to use DHE, they are on time for pick up, and our product has always been delivered in the same condition it left us in. They really do care about your cargo.

Tom & Pat Copp, Calgary
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